About YSG Transport



Commenced business in 1972 as a mini-bus Transport operator plying Enugu-Onitsha in the East-Central state of Nigeria. By 1973, the company moved its main operational base from Onitsha to Lagos and expanded into urban commuter bus business which Blossomed from a fleet of two (2) locally built Mercedes Benz 911 buses to over 40 within a period of seven (7) years.


Young Shall Grow Transport launched in inter-state passenger conveyance services in 1978 with a new Brazilian made Mercedes Benz 0362 Luxury bus which operated along lagos-Onitsha-Owerri route. Favorable customer response to the company’s innovative and satisfactory services led to a rapid growth of the company’s fleet to over 150 luxury buses over the next six (6) years.


Following this rapid growth, Young Shall Grow Motors Limited (YSGML) was incorporated as a private limited liability company in 1984 with the main Objective of expanding its business as an inter-state luxury bus operator.


Today, Young Shall Grow Motors Limited is about the biggest luxury bus company in Nigeria. Its fleet of over 500 serviceable vehicles transverses all sections of Nigeria. With its Head office in Lagos, the company now has offices in the following cities: Ibadan in the west, Abuja, Kano, Sokoto, Maiduguri, Jos and Yola in the north and Onitsha, Neni, Enugu, Owerri, Aba, Umuahia, Port Harcourt, Uyo and Calabar in the Eastern part of Nigeria . Today Young Shall Grow Motors Transport now convey passengers to west african countries such as Ghana, Cote d' viore(ivory Coast), Benin Republic, Mali, and Burkina faso. To meet the qualitative demands of the century, the company’s fleet includes state-of-the art air-conditioned luxury buses including sophisticated double-decker Buses all of which are built to cope with the Nigeria roads.


In 2007 Young shall grow came up with another kind of transport bus called the Hiace mini bus popularly known as commuter bus, currently young shall grow transport limited introduced more commuter buses (Hiace) to the bus system and still working hard to do more for the satisfaction of our esteemed customers. Currently the Young shall grow transport company have sufficient buses that commute virtually all round Nigeria and its west coast routes still with the same high standard that will glee our customers taste.





At Young Shall Grow Motors Limited, we understand the importance of technology in the efficient running of modern businesses, which is why innovations being introduced by our insightful Managing Director, Mr Vincent Obiora Obianodo (MSc) through the company's subsidiary YSG Solutions is gradually reshaping the company into a colossal transport company fit to deliver on its promises.




The Establishment of an Information Technology (IT) Department by the Managing Director has further enabled the company to improve on its services closing the gap between customer's expectation and company's perception of these customer's expectation by introducing tight water solutions known as the "fleet and asset management solution" and E ticketing. The former comprises of vechile tracking device, electronic workshop, electronic inventory control system, driver apprasial system, mechanic appriasal system, fuel monitoring, tyre management and the later comprises of online booking and also aspring to introduce electronic POS ticketing.


All Serviceable buses are now installed with sophisticated vehicle tracking devices which have improved precise monitoring of all buses on all routes. With this technology, all activity report and most importantly speed, of serviceable buses can be monitored from the central control room thus deterring drivers from exceeding the company approved speed limit.


In a bid to achieving world class standards, non serviceable buses are now screened by our experienced engineers with the newly acquired stir diagnosis machine. This enables quick detection of fault thereby ensuring our buses are always at your service avoiding queue lead time of vehicle in workshop, we call it the E- workshop.


The electronic inventory control system has closed the gap in matching vehicle spare consumption with vehicle revenue generation through the Bus service reports on the E- ticketing platform. Drivers and mechanics performance are now being appraised based on electronic montoring on parameters set for them to follow.


Why wait till the next day before you purchase a ticket, customers at Young Shall Grow Motors Limited can now book tickets online, simply by going to the website and paying with an ATM card. This can be done from the comfort of our homes or phones.


In its final stage is the E- ticketing yet to be introduced by the company. Customers can now have their data processed within a short time at the Point of Sale (counter). With this innovation, patriotic customers can easily be recognized and rewarded.



Another innovation is the gradual transformation of major motor parks into Bus Terminals. With a well sought out plan, Young Shall Grow Motors Limited is poised to give the Nigerian Transport industry a new look. In cities where they already exist, customers can now relax in the lounge while awaiting departure.



The Americans call it a motel; we say it’s a Traveller’s lodge. In other to fill the vacuum of loneliness felt when far away from home, We at Young Shall grow Motors Limited are gradually constructing Travellers’ lodges at major cities across Nigeria to help provide comfort at destinations you travel to.


Our lodges are fully air conditioned, with a 24 hours room service bed and breakfast, round the clock internet connection, reliable power supply and a variety of both local and continental dishes. You will cherish every moment spent at YSG Travellers’ Lodge.



Young Shall Grow Motors Limited is a solely owned indigenous Nigeria company.At the apex of the company is the board of directors, comprising the Chairman/CEO (Chief Dr. Vincent Amaechi Obianodo)(MON) and the Managing Director (Mr. Vincent Obiora Obianodo) MSc .


The Managing Director has gradually contributed immensely to the enhancement and transformation of the company from one configuration to another configuration in the entire YSG Group Of Companies and also aspiring to infuse "Entertainment" to its "hospitality, travel and tourism.


Chief Dr V.A Obianodo(MON) has been honored with several awards for his successful business initiatives and diversification into other industries such as ; hospitality, oil and gas, dredging, real estates, rural and urban market development.




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